Earn income by Sharing Workspaces

Enjoy the benefits of the sharing environment with Boxpod


Boxpod offers both individuals and companies the ability to let surplus working spaces and earn rental income. This can be a spare desk in your home office, excess office space, part of an industrial or storage unit or an area within a retail environment. Renting workspace is an excellent way to bring in extra income. Sharing work space also benefits many individual traders as working alongside like-minded partners can enhance business performance. With a simple licence agreement, space can be let out on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.


Co-working and flexible working spaces and environments are a growing phenomenon. The sharing market is not only for offices and hot desking but also small businesses looking for affordable options for surplus storage and production areas.


If you have surplus work stations or storage work spaces why not : SWAP YOUR SPACE FOR CASH Bring in enquiries from those seeking flexible and affordable working spaces. 

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